by Abe Van Luik.

Zoroaster said to please God we must think good thoughts, say good words, and do good deeds. Saint Francis would have added recognizing and appreciating God in nature. Were they alive today, they would add that those good words and God-filled places should be shared on a web site. Wouldn't they? Im sure. CLICK on the picture to see more of this beautiful place, and find an external link to even more beautiful pictures!

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PROLOGUE: Motivations for Essays and Good Links!

Welcome to my historical and other musings!

Example of a historical musing:

Discussion of revelation as exemplified by Joan of Arc (Catholic) and Joseph Smith (Mormon). [Third link on connecting page with Joan's story.]

My Favorite Places in and Around Nevada !

Spain! My first time there. I was very impressed with Madrid, and saw some of the city as well as several nearby destinations of historic importance. I was especially impressed by the natural setting and the friendly helpful people. Click on the picture and see some of what I saw, in four installments linked at the bottom of each page.

Saguaro National park near Tucson Arizona was the scene of this "burning bush." Please take several short trips with me into mountains and a cave.

This is Beatrice receiving the message of her death as a flower. In the background Dante catches a glimpse of the God Love. A scene of elements from Dante's Vita Nouva! This was painted in 1872 by the English painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti, using his deceased wife, Elizabeth Siddall, as the model. (It hangs in the Art Institute of Chicage, see linked page for an online source and for MORE ART!).

Click on this picture to explore the Divine Feminine in words and pictures. The pictures were taken in the Cluny Museum (and some added in June 2000 from elsewhere in Paris). The page also has a link to a review of a Margaret Starbird book, to which I added some artwork in June of 2000.

Please visit one of my all time favorite places in France, Mont Saint Michel, the only piece of French territory north and west of the Loire to survive the hundred years' war without falling to the English.

Visit the Buttes-Chaumont Park in Paris on a mostly cloudy, sometime rainy Fall day. Just click on the image and Voila!

This site is meant to be a somewhat messy garden. Please enjoy its unruliness. Watch for briars and thorns in the bushes. Take off your shoes: there is no dog poop (in my very subjective opinion, that is).

Second homepage (now on this server, formerly on Geocities). Trips to Bruges, and to Domremy. A tribute to my forever friend! Book reviews: Review of a Troubadour's testament with a response by the author, James Cowan! Also reviewed: Awakening Intuition, the Afterlife, and three Zukav books. Plus other picture pages.

My 4th site (numbering of sites is artifact of having started out on and linking free sites, 4 of them, slowly being consolidated) now features GREENLAND. Several more places in France have been added as well. Mary Jane Falls Cave, Nevada. Several Utah pages! Carlsbad Caverns. The story of the little Nevada/California river that could and sometimes does.

Third site (chronologically first) has more places and thoughts. Such as: Andorra! More Utah. A Day In Paris. And several essays on several topics so varied that it makes no sense to try to list them all here.

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