WHAT'S NEW In 2002?

Here is a set of links for what was added in 2002:

1. A review of the thought of the 13th century mystic and poet Rumi

In learning about this poet, I have strayed back into the life of Francis of Assisi and spent a lot more time thinking about Courtly love, thanks to several more books by James Cowan, including "Letters from a Wild State," "A Saint's Way" and "A Mapmaker's Dream."

The result is a cluster of six smaller web pages under the above link.

2. Mitchell Caverns, California!

The southeastern California desert's Mojave National Preserve has some very interesting geological features that make for fun visits. Two of these features are Mitchell Caverns and Hole in the Wall, items two and three for 2002.

3. Hole in the Wall, California, near Mitchell caverns.

What significance does Hole in the Wall have? It is a pretty place is all, and when nature provides a pretty place it deserves to be explored.

4. A Newspaper article suggested a moraine in

Kyle Canyon, in the Spring Range northwest of Las Vegas.

See why I believe it to be a glacial debris-flow instead.

5. Speaking of glaciers in Nevada:

a short page on the Lamoille Canyon glaciers (near Elko).

6. A long set of picture pages from one of the most impressive

canyons in Nevada, Lamoille Canyon.

AKA: the "Alps of Nevada" and "Nevada's Yosemite" (according to several guidebooks). See for yourself.

7. Expanded version of my review of Gary Zukav's book "The Dancing Wu-Li Masters."

It has been augmented by experience (a visit to Fermilab in Illinois) and more reading in 2002. It has been changed from its Trellix format (works great for smaller documents, but awkward for a review of over a hundred pages). It is now in PDF format for downloading and reading at your leisure using the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

8. Beatrice! Dead 700 years. Lived in the front range of the Pyrenees in southern France.

Discussion, obsession, travelogue, Fairytale (that isn't) and lots of pictures!

That's all for 2002, probably, it has been a full year. Can't imagine what 2003 brings, but am looking forward to it.

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This page was obviously expanded over the entire year 2002.

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