There is More in 2004





Items of Interest in 2004

1.  Many, many book reviews.  The subject?  EXISTENCE, REALITY, TRUTH.  More than 30 books read.  What have I learned?  A lot, on many topics.  But where Truth is concerned, I am still among the 'unknowing.'  

2.  An Addendum to the Amargosa River story: A visit to Amargosa Canyon with some surprising views, including the sunset shown above.

3. A Snowstorm in Las Vegas!  It was December 30, 2003, and snow fell across much of the western edge of Las Vegas !

4.  Life, East of Death.  A good-natured rebuttal to an entertaining article that pokes fun at the area east of Death Valley through which the Amargosa River runs.  Followed by a rebuttal to my rebuttal.

5.  One of my photos taken in Titus Canyon has some rock that has a history I wasn't aware of until now.  This is a very short discussion.

6.  A return to Vienna provided little opportunity for new photo pages, but I managed to get two walks in, one in Vienna, one in Bratislava.

7.  A review of "Eleven Minutes" by Paulo Coelho, with emphasis on its Courtly Love connection (second link on page).

8.  Thoughts Upon the Untimely Passing of my Cousin, Ben Schuurink (Only 48!)

9.  A review of several new (to me at least) books with a strong "Courtly Love" connection, first one reviewed is "Dante in Love" by Harriet Rubin.

10. My first time attending the annual Devils Hole Workshop: photos from the associated field trip from the flanks of Mount Charleston to the depths of Devils Hole.

11.  Someone (thanks!) let me know that I had no link to this page explaining my focus on Courtly Love in my new link-outline, so I added it.

12.  Spain!  Here is an off-site link to very nicely done pictures of the major tourist attractions in the general area where we (Audrey and I) only took pictures of Greek, Iberian, Roman and Celtiberian ruins and sites.  The link is to:

13.  One of the things that makes a web site fun is to receive input from people who really know the subject you are trying hard to know something about.  Here are some photos and observations contributed by the proprietor of the castle at Mezerville in a page posted in 2002 but updated in 2004, a page that is part of my Pyrenean Fairytale. .

14. Several pages of photos from our Spain trip in late October.  The pictures are meant to accompany a story.  The story wasn't finished and posted in full until January 2005.  The story covers three generations of a family that is severely affected by the greed, violence and mayhem of the Roman conquest of Spain around 200 BC.  It is NOT suitable for children.

15.  Click to see an ad for my webhosting company, if you sign up let them know it was through me and I get a discount.  Thanks/

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