Tribute to Thea Lipp

For a number of years she both encouraged and challenged my views on life and how to live it. She died of a massive heart attack on 29 July 2003.

We never met in the flesh, but were kindred spirits and knew it. We exchanged lots of emails, private as well as posted on a public discussion group site. I learned from her, and I flatter myself perhaps, but I believe she also learned from me.

Some of her essays are available on the Internet. One on "Sentience" and one on the "Spiritual Imperative" are on the same web site. Just click on each title to read the article. These two items show the depth of her understanding of the nature of being, and her passion for living fully awake in the spirit. It was this latter passion that underlay the practical lessons, complete with homework assignments, that she posted in her forum for many years.

For two months I agonized over how I could possibly say something about her to help myself pass on, patch the hole her passing left.

The group of people she affected in her web-based discussion group site is considerable. Several left tributes to share with others. All I could do is internally agree with what they said: they had obviously been touched by her the way I had been.

Here is one such tribute to Angel Song, a name she chose for herself as a symbol of her vision of her role in this world:

I came here on a wing and a prayer, on a recommendation from Carol, my future mother in law, my kindred spirit. I did not know the lengths to where a simple forum could take me, the souls that would collide, and I certainly never dreamed I would or could ever be where I am right now, in mind, spirit and body. But I am. And there are many to thank, but today, I want to thank Angel Song, my guide to positive thinking, our guide through times of despair, through wordless nights and through the darkest dark I have ever known, as I am sure all of you can attest - and have been yourselves. Thea, Angel Song, you are the light, and your light shines deeply on us all, as it will be, forever.

Ode to Angel Song

When the skies are lit up periwinkle blue, I shall think of you.

When the sun shines softly, just warm enough to make me smile, I shall know it's you.

When rays of light break through the clouds, with the rain still pouring through, I shall see you, on the rainbow that leads us home.

Everlasting life.
(who has started her own website at

Another tribute that touched me deeply is this ,

I think Thea would like to remind us of this:-

If you can imagine all the beauty of a snowflake
There are millions of them
Each uniquely individual
They last but for a short season and are gone
But you can be sure they will return again next season.

Life is like that, we are just snowflakes
Beautifully formed by the conditions at the time
We have seen many seasons together
But we have forgotten them
They are the briefest of times with long periods of rest and re-growth
And then we take our turn again
To experience this poor illusion which we call reality.

Be sure I know you, I recognize you for who you are
It is not what has happened to you that I love
It is the heart and soul I have found that I love
Not a love that is now just found
But one I recognize from many previous times together

I would say we have been through many such experiences together
I can feel the link through all ages past, present and future
You are a very special person
This is only a bad dream and like all bad dreams will pass
They may not recede into oblivion but they will lessen with the passing of

Until that time, feel my arms enfold you, protect you
Feel the warmth of my heart reach out and encircle you
The pain is bad...but... you have gained something much, much greater.
You have found my heart and soul...there is no greater gift I can give
I give it to you freely and unconditionally.

Love and light

(who can be reached at this email address: if you would like to express a thought about his heart-felt poem)

I feel perfectly fine, now, letting myself be spoken for by these two wonderfully loving and feeling individuals. Thea: I love you, still. --abe--

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