The Journey in 2003 (with a 2008 Addendum)

The 2003 yearbook is now complete with Item 8 added in mid-November.

Item # 1for 2003:

Christmas Day 2002, and one of my best friends from my younger years had a massive stroke. He died January 19. He was born 24 February 1945, and from early 1964 through much of 1967 we were room-mates in the Air Force. My memories of him become my first entry for this year's life-journey. To go to my memories of Roy Hussey, click on this link.

Item # 2 for 2003:

This item is one I worked on for five months. It is a review of books (38) describing the earliest days of Christianity. 36 of the 38 are published books, two are not, one is by me (unfinished), one is by my colleague Dan Kane and was published on the web in 2003.

In 2008,  however, this book was edited throughly and published with a new title, To Our Catholic, Orthodox, And Protestant Friends by Dan Kane (, 2008) The link to my review of the 2003 online version of this book is among many other reviews posted here: Go To Early-Christianity Reviews.

Item # 2.5 for 2003:

Yet another book review (# 39 if you will): "A Separate God, The Origins and Teachings of Gnosticism," by Simone Pétrement.

Item # 2.75 for 2003:

While digging through my own library for my Early Christianity discussions, I ran across a sermon I gave on the topic of Early Christianity and Mormonism in late 1977. I reproduce it here as an addendum to Item 2. This whole review exercise is one I did for myself, to assess where I am now versus where I used to be. It may not be of much interest to others. Click here to go there.

Item # 3 for 2003:

A number of pages resulted from my recent trip to Vienna, Austria. They are linked here.

Item # 4 for 2003:

Back in 1998, before I bought a digital camera, I took some pictures in the Sedona, Arizona area. I just now processed them for web use. A lot of work. To see what we saw (Audrey and I) click here.

Item 5 for 2003:

For a short time in 1997 I had a substandard digital camera. I took the camera back to the store. Realizing I may not get back to some of the places I used that camera on, I have done my best to make what pictures I took then look decent on a web page. So, here are a few photos from my very first adventure into Cathar country.

Item # 6 for 2003:

I always imagined myself writing some decent fiction. I wrote two stories, both with a supernatural twist, one looking into the past with the main character a woman, the other looking into the future with the main character a man. To read my attempts at writing fiction, click here. {If you want to publish these stories somewhere and will make money doing so, I want a cut.}

Item # 7 for 2003:

I exchanged emails with this very warm and wondrously wise person for a number of years, traded ideas and experiences with her in the forum discussion group she administered and led spiritually, then heard she had suddenly died of a heart attack. I agonized over a tribute for months, then it occurred to me that the finest tributes that could be written, have already been written. By others. So, if you click here you will see a picture of her and then read two tributes from people she touched deeply. To these tributes I can't add anything. Read them for yourself and see why.

Item # 8 for 2003:

Marguerite Porete wrote "The Mirror of Simple Souls," a book that remained popular for centurues after she and her book were burnt. Her book was symbolically burned in 1306, she followed in 1310. Hers was the first auto-da-fe in Paris. The story and picture pages are numerous and are linked here.


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