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B:  France, Spain, Andorra and England


It is February 2016, one more business trip to Paris, weather was cold and rainy except last day of meetings.  Next day (a free day at my own expense) went a place I had not been before, this time with a camera, so posted some photos looking at the city from the top of the Montparnasse Tower.  

Same February 2016 trip, a second free day, went to Evreux to explore the legend of Saint Taurinus.  Quite enjoyed visiting this medium sized town in Normandy.

Paris ( a museum, Buttes Chaumont Park,  Promenade Plantee Park,  Bois de Boulogne Park a day in the city including a famous cemetery, a day at the Sacre Coeur cathedral, a day under the Cluny Museum, some Cluny Museum treasures, a walk along the Seine, my room and a ghost from the past, my neighborhood, the canals of Paris, and an early morning  walk in Paris)

Paris again in 2007: my hotel where I have stayed every year for 24 years, a visit to the Tuileries garden and the Orangerie  museum, and a visit to the Madelein and Sacre Coeur  once more.

March of 2008 brought me back to Paris again, but very briefly.  This trip was also an occasion for a tour of the underground research laboratory near Bure, where Andra, the French radioactive waste management organization, is studying clays for the potential disposal of high-level waste.

A 2010 visit to Paris gave me an opportunity to play tourist in the city for a day.  I visited some of my favorite haunts, as well as some new places, for me, including two parks and the Pierre and Marie Curie Museum.  I also climbed partway up Notre Dame cathedral for some gargoyles, some chimera, and some great Paris city views.

2011, October, Paris.  A revisit to four places previously visited, and a visit to five places previously never visited, with background information on the motives for these visits.  One of the visits took me out of Paris to the small town of Maintenon to visit its chateau.  Places not visited previously were: The Chateau de Maintenon, The Catacombs, The Bois de Meudon, the Jewish-Deportation Memorial and The Saint Eustache Church.  Places previously visited were: Les Halles, the Bois de Boulogne, Sacre Coeur Cathedral, and the Pere Lachaise Cemetery.

On the 2010 trip I also visited the town of Blois, on the Loire river, where I was charmed by trees, flowers, a river, a church and a cathedral.

In early October 2012 I visited Nevers on the Loire where Bernadette of Lourdes lived most of her short adult life.  The story of Bernadette is completed with a late 2013 trip to Lourdes, the place where Bernadette had her visions.

Mont St. Michel and St. Malo (Mt. St. Michel is one of my favorite places in France)

A new visit to Mont St. Michel and St. Malo in 2007

A visit to Fontevraud Abbey where Eleanor of Aquitaine is buried

Two of my favorite chateaus: Chambord and Chenonceaux

Languedoc and the Cathars

Joan of Arc history sites:





St. Denis



[Lisieux, where Bishop Pierre Cauchon, the judge assuring her fiery demise, is buried.  Also where Saint Therese of Lisieux lived and worked and died.]

Beatrice de Plannisoles and the Pyrenees, a year 2002 fairytale with many picture pages of places where Beatrice lived

My first foray into Cathar country in 1997.

The Maragaret Porete story: first woman burnt by the Inquisition in Paris. Photo (and history) pages about her life, including several Belgian cities and some countryside, including two locales where Joan of Arc is remembered, plus the Place de Greve in Paris where Marguerite found death

Auvers sur Oise, the Van Gogh brothers' graves, and what artists found to like in that place.

Nimes and other destinations in Provence, France Something Roman, something Medieval, and something natural, and for enjoyment only (no attempt to teach any profound lessons about life from Medieval or ancient history this time)

A "Septober" 2008 trip to Provence: (1) Crossing the Alps on the way from Munich (Munchen) to Marseille.  (2) Sunset on the Giens Peninsula where my first set of meetings took place. (3) Sunrise on the Giens Peninsula.  (I took no photos of the city where my second meeting took place, Toulon). (4)  A visit to the north rim of France's Grand Canyon, in Provence(5) A visit to the south rim of Provence's Grand Canyon. (6) The ITER site near Cadarache.

2009 again found me in southern France. A late March trip to four major destinations and ten minor ones. Lots of variety, both natural and unnatural.  The natural span from a Mediterranean beach to a wondrous land of canyons: the Gorges du Tarn.  The unnatural span from the highest bridge in the world at Millau to an underground railway passage near Tournemire. I found all of the stops interesting and pleasing.

A day in Verdun, France, in the Fall of 2014.


Spain, Madrid with quick side trips to El Escorial, Toledo, Segovia and Avila

(Madrid has an excellent tourist website at: )

Spain 2004  (Photos)  places important to fiction set in Iberia in ~200 BC.

Spain 2005, pictures from La Coruna and Finisterre in Galici  with some links to very informative websites about the "Camino de Compostela," the world-famous pilgrimage route, and a review of several books about experiences on that route

San Lorenzo de El Escorial one more time!  Two hikes into the hills and mountains to the north of the town, with splendid views of the royal monastery at San Lorenzo de El Escorial.


   Andorra, a shopping and skiing Mecca in the top of the Pyrenees.

The Pyrenees region

England (the UK)

London! --several walks in the heart of the capital city of England.

London again, in November, with visits to St. Paul's, The Tower of London, the Tower bridge, and a visit to Bath, England.

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