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WE lived in Virginia once, for two years, when I worked in Washington, DC (the other time I worked in DC we lived in Maryland).  We lived next to Dulles International Airport, and even the kids could tell the sound of the Concorde from every other airplane when it flew over.  Alas, I did not do photography back then, so I have no photos of the forests and mountains we visited in both Virginia and Maryland. During those four years "back East," we visited many places, saw great sights, but they live in memory, not on Memorex.

In late 2009 our daughter Rachel moved to a part of Virginia we had not visited.  She lived a stone's throw from the Blue Ridge Parkway, and is just about 45 miles north of the North Carolina state line in Floyd Township.

Our first visit there gave us an opportunity to take some photos from several locales very near where she then lived with her significant other at that time,  James.

Photo opportunities included:

The home they live in that belongs to James' family.

A home with a huge deck that James helped build.

A place called Lovers' Leap where a mixed Native- American/European-settler couple decided to escape prejudice

A hike down a small canyon with much vegetation near James' grandparents' home.

A historic Mill on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Santa's first visit to a small town

Life changes, locations change, and relationships change.  It is 2014 and Rachel's steady and very supportive and likeable significant other is now Lee, with whom we enjoyed a few nice local hikes in a 2014 visit:

Three short walks in late April of 2014 in the mountains of Southern Virginia

Now it is Spring 2015 and Rachel, our daughter, now lives in a marvelous old farm house deep in a hollow several miles outside of Christiansburg, VA. Her very significant other is still Lee, whom we love dearly, and there were several nice walks with Rachel and with Lee as part of this visit:

Where Rachel Lives near Christiansburg, the house and a walk up the valley on an old power-line construction road.

A walk to the top of Buffalo Mountain during a time of rain and low clouds.

A hike to the Cascades and a walk around Pandapas Pond in Giles County. Virginia.


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