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The Sierra Nevada of California from the Air in 2005

Winter scenes at the top of the Sierra Nevada (CA) from the air.  Just photos, no dialogue.

A very quick visit close to Lands End in San Francisco, California.  Flowers (!), trees, rocks and surf. 

A tour of the Hazel-Atlas Mine in the Black Diamond Mining District of California (silica and coal).  A tour you too can take thanks to the East Bay Regional Parks District!

The Mojave Desert (mostly California's Death Valley, but a few Nevada photos as well, after all, when it comes to flowers Mother Nature does not recognize state boundaries)

Visit to Hole in the Wall, Mojave National Desert Preserve, California

Visit to Mitchell Caverns, Mojave National Desert Preserve, California

Titus Canyon, Nevada to California

A revisit to Titus Canyon, exploring the Collapsed Cave Mystery in words and pictures, and another look at the Death Valley sand dunes

The Little River That Could and Sometimes Does (the Amargosa River in Nevada and California)

A Revisit to the Amargosa River in 2004

A promise kept after 6 years! A 2010 RETURN to the Amargosa River, this time at China Ranch.

Death Valley and Environs from the Air in 2005 (with links to other Death Valley pages)

The Desert Flowers of 2005 (a series of pages including a look at water-flow into Death Valley in a very wet Winter season)

The Desert Flowers of 2005 a month later, in Late March (another look at water, flowers, and Death Valley)

Some Specific Scenes from Death Valley and Environs from the Ground in 2005 (the second Devils Hole Workshop Field Trip, with links to the 2004 Devils Hole field trip)

Another Death Valley expose:  Visits to Badwater, Dantes Peak, the sand dunes, just a few flowers, a sunset at Zabriskie point, a sunset in a hole in a rock, and four interesting stops on a guided tour within Death Valley that was part of the Devils Hole Workshop for 2006 (meet the Archeans and the Stromatolites, important ancestral life forms!

A 2007 Death Valley visit!  This time there was a field trip to see some features of the Amargosa River, a field trip hosted and led by the Amargosa Conservancy.  There was also a sand storm while the Devils Hole Workshop was in session.  

---For my exploration time, I walked up Golden Canyon, got very hot, and then went up on the Panamint Range and cooled off considerably (going from about 200 feet below sea level up to about 9,000 feet above sea level would tend to do that).  

---Someone asked me what I thought caused the moving rocks on the Devils Race Track, I never got there but did take some photos off the TV in the hotel and speculated.   Of course I had to see the Devils Golf Course since it was within easy reach.  It has nothing to do with the Devils Race Track, and isn't near as interesting.

The Amargosa River flows from Nevada into California, so here is a set of silent films created for Nye County, Nevada's Earth Day 2008, on the Amargosa River and Death Valley

DEVILS HOLE WORKSHOP Field Trips (in California and Nevada) links to photos and impressions from the annual workshop's field trips from 2004 through 2008

SIDE TRIPS in DEATH VALLEY in 2008:  Salt Creek (a short hike along a creek with fish, vegetation and animal life) and Wingate Pass (a drive that did not reach the pass)

Photos from an extensive new 2009 Death Valley adventure including Titus Canyon, once again, and for the first time: Ubehebe Crater and Scotty's Castle.

A guided tour of Franklin Lake Playa in the Amargosa Valley just south of the Nevada state line: an interesting place, not just a flat, boring dry-lake bottom!

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