Wilderness Ridge

Part 1:  Walking along Trail 45 from the West toward McKittrick Canyon

Page Four: Final views into McKittrick Canyon

As we get down from this ridge the trail becomes very well vegetated, protected by a ridge to the right that both captures water and blocks the sun:


There is a touch of snow where the sun doesn't shine:

Soon we come to a fence.  I assume it is the dividing line between the National Forest and the National Park (also New Mexico and Texas):

Looking straight to the east, we see the mouth of McKittrick Canyon (the ridge we climb up to in Part 2 of this set of Wilderness Ridge pages is just on the other side of and connected to this distant ridge to the left in the next two photos):


Trail T45 may at this point be called the Permian Reef Trail, if we are in the National park as I suspect since we crossed a fence:

But we are running out of time so deviate from the trail and make a right turn to the edge of the canyon beside us:

We are looking at the place where North McKittrick Canyon makes a drastic right turn to feed the main McKittrick Canyon:

To get a better view we must slog on some more through the brush (we are off the trail at this point).  Lots of spiny plants, good to have worn thick khaki cargo pants.  What we see in the depth to the right is the main McKittrick Canyon:

Time is up, just enough time to reach the car in daylight.  Obviously we need to come back here and stay on the trail until we meet where we ended in Part 2 of this series of pages on Wilderness Ridge.  Somewhere between this end-point and that end-point there has to be a look straight down the spine of the main canyon.  We will wait until warmer/longer days arrive in 2015 to look for it.

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