Wilderness Ridge

Part 1:  Walking along Trail 45 from the West toward McKittrick Canyon

Page Three: Views north, east, and south

We have seen this view of the road/trail going up this rise several times from a distance, now it is getting closer:

Looking to the north we see that we are on a ridge that has a canyon on both sides:

Evidence of progress: we have just come down that hill and the Cornudas Mountains appear to be more distant:

There are some pretty turns on this road/trail as it continues east:

The canyon on the north side of our ridge makes a turn here, receiving water from the north, and the cliffs that define the edge of the reef facing east are visible in the distance.  Note the stark contrast in tree growth on slopes with aspect facing away from the sun versus aspects facing toward the sun:


As we progress eastward there are better and better views into the main McKittrick Canyon:

Just as you think you are done with ridges on this ridge, here comes another one!

We finally reach the point where T45 takes over from Road 3008, and face yet another ridge to climb:

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