Wilderness Ridge

Part 1:  Walking along Trail 45 from the West toward McKittrick Canyon

Page Two: Road 3008 to Trail 45

It does not take long, walking east on Road 3008, to get some nice vistas like this one that shows the road/trail climbing a distant rise (one of many) on the ridge:

That stream bed below is the bottom of North McKittrick Canyon.  It makes a sharp right turn in front of that knob in the lower distance and joins the main canyon just beyond it, where the Pratt Cabin is located.

Looking back we can see the Cornudas Mountains to the west:

There are cliffs galore along the route.  The trail is visible in the distance above a low cliff at the top of the ridge:

Past the cliffs we were just looking at, the view into the desert below the reef is expanding:

This nice little tree lent itself to being a lunch spot:

The road/trail continues on the next page.

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