Wilderness Ridge

Part 2:  The Permian Trail from McKittrick Canyon to Wilderness Ridge

Page Six: On the ridge top

These are the views that made it all worthwhile:  first to the north-east and the long tailing run of this great reef complex dating back to the time before dinosaurs, the Permian:

This is a view to the south, in the distance are the Glass Mountains of Texas, also part of the Permian Reef complex (note there is no trail on this ridgetop, but it is not difficult terrain):

At the terminus of the ridge we are now on there is a USGS marker giving the elevation right here as 7063 feet above mean sea level (2153 meters) so since we started at 5013 feet (1528 meters) we have come 2,050 feet up (625 meters)--not bad for a dayhike:

I was pleased that the Visitor Center where we started was clearly visible from this point:

Looking from this edge to the right suggests there may be better vantage points within reach, although the severe cold here makes us want to curtail this adventure for health reasons (shivering under four layers is a good indicator that time must be limited)--so we will only go to the next little ridge over, reached by crossing our trail and then going trail-less again for a little distance (not difficult):

From this new vantage point, the views into McKittrick Canyon are these:


Looking to the right from this point shows many more distant ridges giving opportunities to look down, but the cold needs to be gotten away from at this point and we hurry back to the trail and over the edge to get away from the wind.

We normally do not do photos on the way down, but here are two just for fun, without any explanations (except that the circle in the next photo is a stray sun ray artifact):

Hope you enjoyed our little walk!  We did.  Thanks for coming along.

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