Wilderness Ridge

Part 2:  The Permian Trail from McKittrick Canyon to Wilderness Ridge

Page Five: Coming to the ridge top

The little knob in the center of this next photo shows where the long switchback turned and came up this way, we are now close to the ridgetop!

Just one more switchback turn and voila!  We can see trees ahead, indicating we are almost on top!

Here we are, trees on a plateau!  We have arrived and the wind and cold are brutal!


We make a right turn (no trail, not too difficult) to look out over the plain below.  We again see where the long switchback of the previous page turned us in this direction below, just in front of that knob to the left of the dead tree:


From that same vantage point we also look down and see the trail behind the tall cliffs and the Visitor Center and its parking lot quite far below:

Moving south we see that we are on a satellite ridge connected to a slightly higher ridge, with the trail coming up between them.  The trail visible below is well away to the right of the edge of the cliff previously pictured, hiding the relief while on the trail (thank you):

When we look west we see Trail 45 coming in this direction from New Mexico, becoming the Permian Reef Trail as it crosses from the Guadalupe National Forest into the Guadalupe Mountains National Park.  A portion of the trail traversed in Part 1 of these two walks is visible as a near horizontal line on a slope between and below the two highest points in this photo to the right of center: 

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