Wilderness Ridge

Part 2:  The Permian Trail from McKittrick Canyon to Wilderness Ridge

Page Three: Up to the high cliffs

We are going to skip some part of the very long switchback that got us here, just under the tall cliffs:

One part of these cliffs has some holes in it, one of which is so perfectly round as to suggest it is human-made, maybe?  I doubt it, Nature knows how to make circles:

The trail will take us around these cliffs, thank goodness (I don't do technical climbing):

We are about to pass across a divide and head up behind the tall cliffs, only to see on the other side that we have a long way to go yet to get to the top of the ridge:


As we pass by the cliff tops, we walk past an opening that gives us a nice view into McKittrick Canyon:


It is time to move on, and up, and the trail is about to take us to an adjoining ridge to prepare us for the final ascent.  Admittedly, despite the long detour to an adjoining ridge, the top of the ridge seems to be getting closer as we proceed on this part of the trail:


The part of the trail that sees little sunlight is quite snowy and slick in just a few places: hiking poles definitely help keep a surer balance and footing:


We will follow this long, meandering switchback on the next page.


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