Wilderness Ridge

Part 2:  The Permian Trail from McKittrick Canyon to Wilderness Ridge

Page Two: Up to the first cliff

The last photo on the previous page showed the first, lower cliff with an interesting free-standing remnant in front of it, this is what it looks like as we get closer:


At first blush I would have expected the trail to get above this ridge through the opening filled with brush and trees, but this was not how it goes, it turns left through an opening in the rock:


In the space between the rocks there is a micro-environment that sports some serious vegetation, including real trees:


So the trail decided to go around rather than through this formation.  OK, I will follow.  Note the plentiful cacti and other vegetation where precipitation drains off the face of the rock, multiplying its effectiveness:


Time now to aim for higher ground.  The trail continues, on and on:


We gauge our upward progress by taking a peek into McKittrick Canyon to our left:

We reach the higher cliffs on the next page.

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