Two London Walks

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Orientation and Start of First Day's Walk: along the south shore of the Thames

We borrowed this map from the "Beauty about Nature" website and drew onto it our very long first day's walk, and our shorter, much shorter, second day's walk.  Did we "see it all"?  Not by a long shot, but what we did see was very, very nice.  Join us and take a look:

That first day we got off the tube at Waterloo and walked the south bank of the river as recommended by our good friend Basak who has spent several years in London.  As promised, this route gave us marvelous views of some of the highlights of the city, including a bridge not on this map, the Jubilee Bridge (which is a new pedestrian bridge) suspended directly beside the Hungerford Bridge (a rail bridge).  According to the linked Wikipedia article this bridge has about 8.5 million foot crossings per year--it serves its purpose very well!

Standing on this bridge gave a very nice view of perhaps the most iconic building in London, Big Ben, and the London Eye, a ride allowing fantastic overviews of the city:

The Eye ride was a long wait (we made no advance reservation) so we just walked past it and admired its electric power and braking motors and its massiveness:


But to us the real treat was the view of Big Ben and Parliament from this location:


Now we pick up the pace and turn westward along the south shore of the Thames and pass the rather stark looking but functional Waterloo Bridge:

Audrey reminded me that I ought to look at what is right in front of my face rather than continually peering across the river.  She was right, these ornate lamp posts along the river walk are worth a close look:

Across the river stands the massive dome of St. Paul's cathedral, a monument we will visit on some subsequent London encounter:

Along the southern shore there are several small (and surprisingly clean for a mid-city-riverbank!) "beaches" with stairway access:

We walk across the river on Blackfriars Bridge and look back to where we came from: the opera house dead center, and the white supports of the Jubilee pedestrian bridge to the left of it, is where we began our walk:

We will continue our walk along Fleet Street on the next page.

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