Smith Spring 2015

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Smith Spring is already well described on this website (click on the link to go there).

So why go back?  Because the Spring and early Summer of 2015 have been wetter than the last four years I have lived here, and the desert surrounding this place was unusually green.  That's all.

We walk up the south side trail and come back the north side trail.  This is one of our first views toward the spring area from that trail:

The greenery is amazing for a day in the middle of July when it is about 95 degrees (F).

Soon we enter the tree-filled area and see a sight familiar from our last walk here:

Compared to walking uphill in bright sunlight, it is quite refreshingly cool under the spring-fed tree canopy:


Soon we arrive at the flow coming out of the spring

Then suddenly, there it is: Smith Spring!


We were surprised at seeing something we had not seen before: surface water flowing into the spring (it rained substantial amounts about 30 hours before this visit and it is still draining out of the mountains):


To the left is a complex tree root we have seen before:

We will continue this visit on the next page.

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