Saguaro National Park West

PART 1 of 4 of a short walk up the Hugh Norris Trail from the west

More than a decade ago I walked the Hugh Norris Trail in West Saguaro National Park from around the Visitors Center to Hohokam Road.  That time I ended the walk on Hohokam Road just after sunset.  

This time I started in the daytime at the place where last time I ended.  And only walked up to the first hillcrest (red line on map below).  

We were in a hurry to get to Phoenix for a conference, but seeing wildflowers, there was just no resisting this temptation!

Wildflowers in March already!  Imagine that!  

It was a beautiful day, the last week of Winter, sunny and in the 80s (F).  Does not get better than this.

Our goal (there were actually three of us, so I can use the plural without apology this time) was to have a nice walk in the flowers.

This is the start off the trail off Hohokam Road just where it changes from a two-way to a one-way road:

Although bright yellow flowers dominated, there were also deep reds like these:


Saguaro cactuses were the main draw, of course:

They stand quite proudly surrounded by other types of cacti and brush and grass (in places) and flowers:


There are hills to climb, so we need to keep moving up the trail:


The saddle where these two ridges come together is our destination:

Under the armpit of this cactus stands our car, a testament to the fact that we have come a little way up at this point:

We will keep on rising on the next page.

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