North McKittrick Part Two

Starting from the Pratt Cabin

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Return to the Pratt Cabin

On the way back I reminded myself of our little black dog who runs from shady spot to shady spot on hot Summer walks.

Shade was not plentiful, and running was out of the question:

Eventually I was once again beside the rock platform that supports all that abundant vegetation around the Pratt cabin.  I walked to where there was essentially no cliff and sought shade once more:

Shade I got, and it felt very good:

But soon I was faced with scrambling and pushing my way through dense vegetation again:


Was the shade worth it?


Look at it this way: had I stayed in the drainage I would have hit the main McKittrick Canyon trail and been on my way home, bypassing the Pratt Cabin.

At the Pratt Cabin, however, I met a fellow photo enthusiast, Skip Hunt from Austin, Texas, a professional artist, author and photographer, and we traded website links.  His are:

So was the blood sweat and suffering of coming back through the woods worth it?  To me it was.  

Hunt has created a real gem of thoughtful and inspiring images on his sites, well worth a look.

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