North McKittrick Part Two

Starting from the Pratt Cabin

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The turn after meeting the "other" Devils den Canyon

Son after seriously walking the bouldery drainage bottom we come to an intersection, straight ahead lies the "other" Devils Den Canyon (Texas rather than New Mexico, National Park Service rather than the Forest Service--go figure!  But this one is closed to visitors because of its sensitivity):


So we make a right turn before we get to that boulder in the above photos and head towards Wilderness Ridge, which is now rising before us in the background:

There are some pretty spots along the way:

But this is bouldering all the way, not easy or pleasant although there always seems to be a through-path that avoids serious climbing:


Some stretches are downright easy:


Some stretches are more demanding:


As we get closer to Wilderness Ridge, the drainage changes little in terms of alternating difficult and easy stretches, but the scenery is very nice all the way:


Time to move on to the drainage as it parallels Wilderness Ridge.  See next page.

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