North McKittrick Part Two

Starting from the Pratt Cabin

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Moving Away from the Pratt Cabin Area

I looked along the edges of this densne vegetation to see if there was a 'high road' I could take to get past it--there was not:


So the only choice was to go back to the cabin and take the trail, or go over the side of this ledge into the drainage:


Given my age and size, even small cliffs are not an option, so was happy to see a way to get down gradually here:

Once in the drainage I could look back and see that finding my gentle descent point was good fortune, from here on, upstream there was just a wall:


So now we take one last look back and start walking upstream, we are in North McKittrick Canyon at this point:

The ledge we were on, with all that abundent vegetation, terminates where this very steep side-canyon comes in:

Once we get past this mountain we can begin to see Wilderness Ridge in the background.  We want to at least get to the bottom of it before we turn around to come back:

We will make progress on the next page, promise!

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