North McKittrick Part Two

Starting from the Pratt Cabin

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Orientation and Start

What better way to orient you than a map?  The orange/red line in the lower part shows this walk, the same color in the upper left part shows a previous walk into North McKittrick Canyon (linked near bottom of every page).  The white rock drainage connecting the two colored areas is a future walk.

Note the two Devils Den Canyons.  The northern one is on Forest Service and BLM land in New Mexico and is open to the public (lousy trail as you can see on this website).  The lower one is in Texas and on National Park Service lands.  The lower one is considered very sensitive and is closed at the present time.

This walk begins at the Pratt Cabin.  The main McKittrick Canyon to and beyond the Pratt Cabin has been covered quite well on this web site.

Mr. Pratt donated his cabin and land holdings --the very heart of McKittrick Canyon, to the US Government, this made possible forming the Guadalupe Mountains National Park!  Can you imagine giving away these views from your front porch?


Literally, these are views from Pratt's (now all of ours) front porch looking at the main McKittrick Canyon:


Our goal is to go partway into North McKittrick Canyon, to where it is directly below Wilderness Ridge.  There is no trail except the white rock drainage path:

This page, the next page, and the last page will show scenes from near the Pratt cabin.  Pages 3 and 4 will show some scenes from the walk up, and back, through the drainage that is the bottom of the canyon.  There is a trail from the cabin into the drainage, but I thought there surely must be a trail through the little forest that parallels the drainage, one that eventually drops into the drainage, giving me some shade on this hot day.  So I start in this direction and am delighted by the vegetation, but chagrined that there is no continuous trail:

At the start there are discontinuous segments that are easy to walk, but between them it is difficult going, and the further one goes from the cabin the more difficult it gets:



We will make some progress on the next page.

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