No. McKittrick Cn, 3d Try


Not much farther, and we are walking in water.  We look back and see the rock with water under it not far away (second rock on the right):

Of course the sound of water falling has already alerted us to the presence of water ahead, and here are the rapids causing that pleasant sound:

The water is cool and clear and beautiful, the small fish swimming around in this pool think so too:

This pool has some decent depth:

Gaining a little bit of elevation lets us see that this creek continues on from here:

We are simply not prepared to hoof it through this water, wet and algae covered rock is very slippery, and it may also be destructive to go forward, so, reluctantly, we turn back.

By now it is very warm in the canyon, we drink, and we stop for rest breaks wherever there is a beautiful Texas madrone tree to provide it for us:


Of course we also stop to admire the little stands of these beautiful flowers: we are civilized and appreciate Nature's artistry!

Will we come back here again?  Maybe.

But it is time to go back to the New Mexico side of this canyon and try walking down some, instead of walking up.

Thanks for coming with us!

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