North McKittrick Canyon


Coming Back to the Top of the Ridge

Alas, we must return, so we look up to where we once again meet decent trail, on top of Wilderness Ridge and we look for the rock cairns indicating a good path up, find it and approach it without benefit of trail.  as we leave the meadow we take a look back and promise we will come here again with more time to explore this pleasant canyon, perhaps next time coming up all the way from the main McKittrick Canyon at Pratt's Lodge (have to start there, restricted hours for entering and leaving McKittrick Canyon, no restrictions on this end):

We veer off the indicated path a moment to look over the edge one more time and on our way to the edge we get a nice view of the Cornudas Mountains in the distance and see a ridge in front of those mountains, the Brokeoff Mountains (we will take another look later, from farther up):

We have come up only a little way out of the meadow at this point, as you can see here:


A few minutes later we start to climb more steeply and directly:

And start making progress in the up direction:

The rock cairns do help, and in some places there are trail remnants, very short and very rough:


But closer to the top of the ridge we are once again overcome by the temptation to go to the edge, and look down, and once again see the outflow from Devils Den Canyon:

Almost back on the ridge top:

The promised second look at the Cornudas Mountains and a better look at the Brokeoff Mountains, parallel to but detached from the main Guadalupe ridges:

One last look back, vowing that we will return to explore more of this rather verdant upper reach of North McKittrick Canyon.

There is someone's very useful personal website about the trails in the Guadalupes which has a dire warning about the difficulty of the trail through the canyon, from here to the main McKittrick Canyon.  So stay tuned, sometime (much) later this year we will attempt to come up from the main McKittrick Canyon all the way up to this North McKittrick Canyon terminus (its start, actually).  In fact a few weeks after this walk we did start looking at the trail coming up from the bottom of North McKittrick Canyon at Pratt's Lodge.

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 A North McKittrick Canyon segment starting from Pratt's Lodge

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