Where Rachel lives

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The house and its setting

The descent from the very nice town of Christiansburg (next to the university town of Blacksburg) into the hollow where our daughter Rachel currently resides is amazing, the first time it seems to go on forever, deeper and deeper, and it is a surprise when reaching the farm house that water actually flows downhill from its location (thank goodness).  These are scenes from on the way down:

Seven miles after leaving town brings this farmhouse into view:

Its setting is very pleasant to look at, listen to, smell and walk around in:

When all else is quiet, like at night, the dominant sound is this babbling stream at the bottom of the hollow, where the front yard ends:

Speaking of front yards, this is the view from the porch:

And out back?  The owner's horses.  Taking care of them reduces the rent, cool!

On the next two pages we will take a walk up the hollow on an old utility pole construction road.  The mountain views are well worth the effort, so come along!

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