Middleton Place, SC

A Walk In America's Oldest Landscaped Gardens

(see brochure excerpt below)

When you purchase your rather expensive entry ticket, this is the brochure you are given with a short history and map.  The brochure contains much more information of course but these two pages give historical highlights and current status of the property.  It is a beautiful place as I hope some of my photos will show on the next couple of pages.  


My interest is in the beauty of this place, not its history.  Its history, as the tour guide I listened to explained was built on the backs of the hundreds of slaves needed to successfully grow and harvest rice, a very labor intensive crop that made these people very rich.  No wonder they were, as the little historical sketch above indicates, among the first to wish to secede from a union that was about to outlaw slavery.  Nevertheless the place has been restored beautifully and that modern product of intensive paid labor deserves to be looked at.

We start at 1, the Visitors Entrance, and look around at the floral excess this season provides:


Following the trail toward number 2 shows us this wonderful tree:

As we turn the corner toward number 2 we see the open space marked "Greensward" with the old plantation house and the new museum in the background, that tree is gorgeous:


The museum and house are in the background:

This is one of the Secret Gardens (3):

Feeling some time pressure we hurried up a bit and took this photo at the point on the map numbered 31, the Middleton Oak overlooking the Ashley River which was controlled to flood the rice fields as needed:


On the next page we will continue on to the Cypress Lake (33 on the map).

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