Devils Den Canyon Outlet

Sixth Devils Den Canyon Walk

PART 1: Getting to the canyon outlet

As is becoming usual by now, we go down Guadalupe Ridge on the trail that is no longer numbered or maintained but used to be T202 on the map shown the last time we walked here, two weeks ago.  The Cornudas mountains of Texas are visible on the western horizon at the start.  Where we are going today is the line of trees coming out of the canyon in the distance in the second photo, Devils Den Canyon:


We will not spend time talking about the trail condition and the lack of trail in places since we have done that before.  Just a couple of photos from along the way is all. Like this one almost off the slope we use to walk off the ridge, looking down at the fence-road that will take us to that line of trees in the distance:

And from that same spot we look at the land bridge that we crossed as part of the previous Devils Den walk, from the smaller ridge to the right to the main ridge:

Once we are down, we look back to where we started, it is the human thing to do.  So where did we start?  Where the tree-lined ridge at the top left ends and the road-cut is visible below a little strip of blue sky (quite a cloudy day, off and on):

We have walked this fence road several times before and will skip ahead to where we enter that line of trees we looked at in the second photo at the start of this page:


We have two choices, we can walk up the stream-bed or we can walk up a road we have seen from the top.  Since time is of the essence (it is still Winter and sundowns are still early) we choose the road, which quickly turns into a path:


Now we are back to following animal trails:

As we pass into the canyon, we look left and see the same land bridge we looked at before from the north, now we are south of it, walking east:

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