Labor Day Sunset and Rainbow

We took a walk on a rainy Summer afternoon in the Guadalupe Mountains,

It rained enough to stop any picture-taking on the walk,

but on the way home the double rainbow and glorious sunset were simply irresistable

This was supposed to be just a quick trip to impress two others with the fabulously nice place I often hike, along the Guadalupe Ridge.  

A hot day, but at the elevation of the ridge, over 7,000 feet, and with thunderstorns drenching us at times, we were cool.

My guests were not as impressed as they would have been had I not gotten lost and walked them in big circles for two hours before finding the road again.  

My bad!  Embarrassing too.

But these two rainbows as we left the mountains were very nice to look at:


A few miles further downhill yielded another view worth stopping for:


The nice thing about sunsets is their color, but not stopping makes it hard to get a clear picture:

So, stop we did:


Please check back.  There will be more adventures later this year.  Perhaps no more colorful.

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