Holes and Lakes

Higby Hole (aka Hippie Hole) on the Black River and Lake Avalon on the Pecos River

There is a road from south of Malaga, New Mexico, called Higby Hole.  If you follow that road south you will cross the Black River.  The Black River is an interesting river, described quite well on this website.

Higby Hole is called Hippie Hole by some locals, including in this instance our informant.  Hippies tend to be careful and respectful of Mother Nature, however.  Those who have enjoyed spending time drinking and picnicking at this nice place, and left their trash stewn all over and threw their beer bottles at nearby rocks were not hippies.  Human pigs?  No that dishonors the noble pig.

Because of the trash, pictures were hard to take, but we succeeded of course.  This is the flow from the Black River coming from the west into Hippie Hole:

We then turn around and look eastward toward Higby Hole road where it crosses the river:

This is the water being dammed up by the rather small culverts that run under the road:

On the other side of the road, the river flows freely!

What caused me to ring up a friend and ask for directions to what she called Hippie Hole?  This photo on a photographer friend's website!  He must have walked downstream a bit for this rather spectacular Higby Hole scene.

Because we were disappointed at the state of Hippie Hole, before going home we stopped at Lake Avalon,

a reservoir created by a small dam on the Pecos River just a mile or two northeast of Carlsbad--the green line across the river is the dam:

And this is Audrey cautiously approaching the water for a closer look:

I am sorry to say that this place is also trash-strewn.  But since it is bigger than Hippie Hole, you can find clean spots easier here.

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