Favorite Tree Revisit near Sitting Bull Falls

A Continuing Tale of Life's Triumph Over Adversity

Approaching the "neighborhood" where my two favorite trees, the "dancing trees," resided, I was very pleasantly surprised by the recovery evident in the creek where Trail 214 crosses it: greenery in the water, around it, and even fish seemed to be happy again!


Carefully walking toward where my two dancing trees once were, we skirt around a living tree and its dead next-door neighbor (cracked to the very core of its being by the fire's heat without being more than superficially burned):

it quickly became evident that the surviving tree was thriving: here it is behind the rock that saved it from being uprooted by the subsequent flood!

At its feet lie the root-and-branch remains of its former dancing partner, slowly being absorbed back into the ground to feed new life:

It is now a part of a new neighborhood, all of it thriving with new and rejuvenated life in this rather wet year of 2015:

We step back now and take a last look as we scramble back onto Trail 214 where it meets Trail 68.

Just to see how the rest of the burned out area is recovering, we walk part of Trail 68 toward Sitting Bull Falls.  The dead trees, all burned, are a reminder of the devastation that hit here just a few years ago.  The luxurious greenery below the trees reminds us that Mother Nature knows how to recover when part of it is injured either by human or her own activity--it just takes her a bit of time:  


The walk in on Trail 214 and out on Trail 68 --back to the Queen Highway, was interesting: some trail maintenance was quite evident, marker maintenance too, and both were very much appreciated.  Coming up on trail 68, the last crossing of the creek-bed is mighty rough--I do not do 6-foot drops well (did that sort of stuff when I was younger) so took a slightly friendlier but rather rough alternate route.  Younger people on the trail while I was there had no problem climbing down one side and back up the other, they made it look easy.  Showoffs!

 The re-opening of Sitting Bull Falls!

 The story of the dancing trees.

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