Devils Den Spring

A short walk up a tributary canyon to Devils Den Canyon

Part 1

After six posted hikes of the Devils Den Canyon area of the western Guadalupe Mountains I thought I was done.

BUT:  One place I had always bypassed because I had other places to go farther away, was this little spring on the map.  

It was just simply out of the way.  The map suggests it is on the trail, T-202 on this map, but it is really T-200 in real life.

And yes, you can see it from the trail if you know what you are looking for and it is not the driest season:

When you follow the trail to the bottom, into Devils Den Canyon, and look to the right you don't see the water in the spring pools.  To the left you see the main canyon you have come to visit.  To the right you see a pile of rock and a relatively easy passage to the left against a cliff:


Once past this rubble zone, the pools of the spring come into view, and walking upstream seems to promise a view of the source:


Indeed, there is water coming from a crack in the rock to the right and dripping into the pool--BUT--there is water upstream, so this is not the only source of all the water here:


So we set our sights further upstream:

Upstream we find a classic-looking spring basin with flow coming in around its edges, so is this it?  The Devils Den Spring?

Not so fast, farther upstream there are also small spring basins:


We will keep moving upstream on the next page.

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