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Arrival and Some Meanders

A sign on Highway 180 between Silver City and Deming says that there is a New Mexico State Park called "City of Rocks" nearby, so we veer off that main highway and soon approach this rock formation:

A sign in the Visitors Center explains the origin of this formation: welded volcanic tuff formed from the cooling of a huge pyroclastic flow of ash, as it cooled vertical cracks developed, which erosion then took advantage of and incised, and a long time later it looks like this formation:

What makes the City of Rocks pretty is not just its rocks, but also its tenacious vegetation, of course:


So we take a nice little stroll and check out some of the variety in rock shapes and vegetation clinging to life in the few sheltered spots where some rainwater can accumulate and the sun's direct rays are shielded for some part of the day.  In addition these next two photos show the remnant of the volcano that produced this formation in the distance:


Sometimes the rocks are still close together and offer nice vertical views:


Here is another look at the remnants of the volcano that spewed out this flowing mass of superheated ash:

We will continue this meander, and then leave, on the next page.

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