Giles County VA Cascades

Plus the Pandapas Pond Recreation Area just down the highway (Page 6)

Page 1 of 6: Walking upstream along Little Stony Creek

The Giles County website describes the Cascades with words and photos, and its first words are:

About 150,000 visitors a year visit the Cascades. Without question, Cascade Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Virginia and possibly on the entire East Coast. The 69 ft. falls crash into a large pool surrounded by two hundred foot cliff walls from which large ice formations hang in the winter.

As the sign in the above photo indicates, this is a National Forest Recreational Area.  Before even reaching this sign, and just beyond it, there are already scenic opportunities:


The setting is a deep valley with forested slopes on every side:

Just before encountering a bridge there is this strange unconnected stairway with a platform on the other side, perhaps the site of an earlier bridge?

A good flood would take out a low bridge, of course, hence the new, higher bridge (not pictured, sorry):

Soon after leaving the parking area there is a choice of two ways to walk upstream, we choose to cross the bridge to the other side where we meet this sign with good advice:

From the bridge this is what the upstream and downstream flows look like:

The trail on this side of the creek rises and falls a lot compared with the trail on the other side.  This is Rachel wondering what is keeping the old folks:

The trail takes us right by the creek as well as away from it at times:

We continue plodding upstream on the next page.

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