Buffalo Mountain VA

Part 1 of 3: Starting up.


On a previous visit to Virginia I saw Buffalo Mountain from a distance and read a book about the local history around that mountain, but did not get to hike it.  This time that is what we did.  In this instance "we" is Lee and I.  Others were too wise to go hiking in the cold and rain that marked this day.

The Buffalo Mountain recreation and conservation area is maintained by the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation.  At the start of the trail there is a map and a sign extolling the uniqueness of this particular mountain which sports some rare vegetation and one totally unique bug!


In a way it was good that it was cloudy, rainy, and foggy at the top: it caused a focus on the mountain itself rather than on what can be seen looking away from the mountain.  Here we start our walk, our car is the only one in the parking area:

Lee is very patient and does not make it obvious he is waiting for me to get on with it and stop taking pictures:

Downslope views are a bit obscured by both moisture in the air and new greenery:

Granite outcrops show we are close to a local high point on the slope we are following:

Lee making sure I come up this carefully sculpted staircase safely:

Broken branches and a reddish rock that looks like a beast, does it come alive in the dark and trounce the trees?

A temporary lightening of the skies above adds some color to a stand of mountain laurel (too early for blooms, sorry):

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