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Sedona Weekend in 1998

Sedona, and Volcanoes and Anasazi Dwellings North of Flagstaff

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So why enter pages on this 1998 weekend getaway into 2003? Because it occurred to me that the way life is, I am not certain to be back in Sedona anytime soon. The reason I never posted these pictures before is that I felt their quality to be is poor even though they do show some nice things: The pictures were done with a throwaway camera and developed onto photo disks. Had I known, then, I would have had them developed onto photo-CDs, then the file sizes saved are larger and more suitable for manipulation for Internet posting.

But, enough apologies for the photos, please enjoy our visit to the Sedona/Flagstaff area with us. We did. Click on the links below to join us, belatedly.
I suppose you can go anywhere for a good sunset, so I won't show you my sunset pictures, but I did show you the photo above because it is a perfectly good shot of the sun shining through high-level ice crystals, hence the slightly colored halo.

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City setting and a hike into the local red rock

A little hike to the feet of the giant vertical rocks that make up Cathedral Rock

That's all for Sedona, now we move north of Flagstaff, Arizona

Couldn't go without seeing these symbols of Nature's power

Several small abandoned villages north of Flagstaff