GOLDFIELD, on Highway 95 south of Tonopah                                            Page 1

Goldfield is the County Seat of Esmeralda County.  It is a small town that used to sport 20,000 inhabitants and was connected to Las Vegas by rail.  That was between 1904 and 1918, when $ 88 million in metals was extracted from the mines around the town.  Now, there are a few inhabitants, and the last of the mines is in the reclamation phase.  But in its heyday Goldfield deservedly received its splendid endowment of solid brick buildings and homes.

The church below is now a town meeting hall, and next to it is an old abandoned building.

The fire station and court house stand as witnesses to a bygone era, true, but they are functional as ever even today.

Homes were built that matched the city's institutions and wealth, and in the case of the last picture of a house built in 1905, they also stand witness to the creativeness of the populace.

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