Berlin-Ichtyosaur State Park   --  Page 1

This isolated park lies in the feet of a north-south trending mountain range.  It preserves several sites where fossil life is being activiely studies.  It also preserves the remains of a short-lived but well built and well financed mine from the days of the Nevada mining boom.

We will visit the Ichtyosaur part of the park first, which sports the remains of largest examples of this species of these meat eating marine reptiles.  In the shelter are the skeletons of several of these creatures trapped in a muddy pool over 225 million years ago when this was the western edge of the continent.

The picture below does not allow one to follow the letters naming the parts of this reptile on the plaque pictured below it, but gives an idea of what there is to be seen here.

Leaving the Ichtyosaur portion of the park along this fine road brought us out of the woods into the grassy slopes where gold was once mined at the Berlin mine, pictured on the next page.

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