Snow in Summerlin

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By seven in the morning, it was indeed light, and the snow was stopping.  So we went and got our local grandchild Aubree, six years young, to take her to some parks and get her good and cold.  But since we don't put family pictures on this site, sorry, you won't see her here.

But you will see the backyard with light, from the second floor even:

It looked better in the dark.  The front of the house looked better in the light, I thought:

Notice the melting that has gone on already?  The car- hood snow, where before had been written XMas, was now sluffed off.  

Looking toward the neighbors' houses was scenic (of course it was trash day, Tuesday, the 30th of December):

Our little tree bore its burden well:

Had we had the tools, we would have scraped our windshields:

I ran back upstairs to do some more second-story picture-taking in the same directions I had done earlier in the dark:

Our nearby mountains are somewhat visible on this next shot:

So, next we get our granddaughter and visit some local parks so we can properly play in this white stuff!

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Snow pictures taken in the dark

Snow pictures in daylight

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