Snow in Summerlin

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So, now it was light, the snow has stopped, and all over the western suburb of Summerlin there was enough snow to build snowmen!

This was one scene on our way to Willows Park where snow was reported to be very good for making snowmen.  This is a scene along the way:

The creator of that giant snowman below was now famous, our local Fox News crew was on his scene:

Since the pictures I took of the snowman had people in them, icluding our granddaughter, I won't show them here, but this poor dude was smiling even though abandoned by its creators:

There were some places in Willows Park with snow and no people:

The pool was closed, so gave me some photo opportunity:

But given that our grandaughter by this time had cold hands and wet, cold feet, we hustled on to some other local parks and took these shots while she and grandma sat by the car heater.

First the new Summerling Community Park:

Notice the mountains in the background?

Next and last, right by our house is Trails Park, part of which looks like this:

And like this, with a nice shot of one of our nearby mountains:

Then it was home, and by the time we warmed up with cocoa and stuff, the white stuff was pretty well melted around us.  It was great fun while it (and we) lasted!

Snow in the dark

Snow pictures taken in twilight

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