Snow in Summerlin !

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My wife woke at 5:30 AM and looked outside, remembering our daughter's excited midnight call about snow falling.  She couldn't believe what she saw, and woke me to see it too.  Last time there was snow falling in Las vegas was 1998 and it didn't stick.  This time?  Several inches at least, four to five in some sections of the western half of town, where we lived. Las Vegas' eastern side?  Just rain.

So, what did we see at 5:30 in the dark?  Since I was in pajamas I did not venture off my street, but did see this on my street.  

The above is flashless looking at our cars and house. Then I backed up a few steps:

Seeing nothing in my viewfinder, I realized that more light was needed and shot where the streetlights were:

By this time my slippers were wet and toes were feeling no pain, but I just had to try a few flash pictures as I was heading back to the house:

It was at this point I realized I had left the front door open all this time, Christmas tree was lit:

Someone had gotten up before us and written Merry Xmas on our Chevy, cute:

The falling flakes were very photogenic.  

Getting back into the house I took a last look back out:

Of course once in the house I realized I had not shot our backyard yet, so I walked past the Christmas trees and right back outside:

This was the backyard:

So, finally went inside and on the second floor realized I could take pictures from there too.  First on to the street again:

Then into the backyard, but I failed to open the window and got this with no flash:

And this with flash:

It was time to go back to bed for an hour, then there might be light! 

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Snow pictures taken just after sunrise

Snow pictures in daylight

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