Places Important to the Story

This page consists of three parts: (1) places already covered that were important to the story; (2) places being covered by links on this page; and (3) places not covered but still important to the story.

(1)  Here are the places covered so far, and why they are important to the story:

A.    The falls on the Piedra River: Where the story ends, Piri lives out her life and dies here a happy woman because her son Lucit, with his family live here also and are safe.

B.    The mountain that is the gateway to part of ordesa national park: Where Piri is trained as a healer and visionary.

C.    The greek and roman cities of emporion: Where Piri's father learns all the wrong things from the Greek merchant with whom he becomes business partners.  Where Piri's brother is renamed Scipio to flatter the Roman general who comes to save them from the Carthaginians.

D.    The iberian city at ullastret: Where Piri's mother is from, and where she runs when things go badly at home.

(2) Other Places of Importance to the story, with links given below:

A.    The Place where hannibal crossed the pyrenees: Where the story begins with Piri's first significant memory from childhood.

B.    The mountain house where PIRI was hiding when bad things happened to her: Piri's mother's family hides her from her father's pledge to a fellow chief that he can have his daughter as wife, and she is seriously hurt when they come to take her by force.

c.    numantia, where lucit and his father fight romans until lucit has enough of it and escapes into the pyrenees: When Lucit's father dies a hero's death he begins to realize he has no more heart for this life and longs to live in peace and have a family.

D.    Lucit's Escape to the Place in the pyrenees where he is found by his wife to be: When a sharp pain announces a shepher's intent to not let him have a lamb from the flock wihout asking, Lucit is smitten in more ways than one.

E.    PIRI's journey to HER PLACE of education: Piri and her young son Lucit travel to a high mountain village where she will be taught her life's work.

F.    lucit's journey to his mother's village: Lucit and his wife and baby, with her dowry walking about them on all fours, set out for a new life near where his mother lives, and end up living with her in the canyon of the many waterfalls.  They help her engrave her life story onto leaden sheets, as was the custom of the time.

(3) Places of Importance to the story, but with no photos:

A.  The country estate to which piri and her mother were exiled by her father (Now the city of besalu sits there).

B.  Various places where Piri's brother fought, first with the romans, then against them, before numantia (MAP ONLY)