What do you expect to find under a link that says get off the Internet and live your Life?


There is an old saying that says"

"Whate'er thou art, act well thy part."


I like to change that just a little to: "Find out who you are and act accordingly."


Why would I make that change?  Because the way it stands could, in some people's minds, be referring to roles we play in society or some subset of it.  But even those roles should be defined and influenced by who we really are, should they not?

I would think so.  Don't let work or relationships define who you are.  Define your work and relationships by who you are.  There is a big difference.  One keeps you suspended in the expectations of others, the other allows you to always be grounded in who you are at your very core of your being.

Now get off the Internet and live your life!