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LINK-OUTLINE of Web Pages Under ThoughtsandPlaces.Org

Includes major pieces from the four previous sites as well as from the annual "Yearbook" sites that were started in 2002.

1. Thoughts and Places Far From Home but still considered part of North America: (Greenland [
East and West ])

    2. It is 2005 and another opportunity to take pictures over Greenland presented itself.

3. Thoughts and Places In and Near Nevada (pre-2001 local trips, including the Amargosa River story)

            aa.  A Revisit to the Amargosa River in 2004

           aaa.  A Revisit to the Spring Range and Ash Meadows area as part of the 2004 "Devils Hole Workshop" fieldtrip

a. Road trip to Utah in 2001

b. The Desert Flowers of 2001!

bb. The Desert Flowers of 2005 (a series of pages including a look at water-flow into Death Valley in a very wet Winter season)

bbb. The Desert Flowers of 2005 a month later, in Late March (another look at water, flowers, and Death Valley)

bbbb.  Earth-Day, April 21, 2007, I have been asked to provide a slide show based on this website for continuous showing at the celebration to be held in Pahrump, Nevada

c. A Fourth of July Thunderstorm at Home

d. Visit to Hole in the Wall, Mojave National Desert Preserve, California

e. Big Falls in the Spring Range, a Glacial Moraine or a Debris-Flow?

f. Some further insight into Nevada glaciation.

g. A little hike in Lamoille Canyon in the Ruby Range, near Elko, Nevada.

h. Sedona and environs, Arizona

i. Las Vegas gets Powdered!  Snow in Vegas, 30 December 2003!

j. Death Valley and Environs from the Air in 2005 (with links to other Death Valley pages)

k. The Sierra Nevada of California from the Air in 2005, and, from the same flights, another look at the Spring Range near Las Vegas from the air.

k'.  Winter scenes at the top of the Sierra Nevada (CA) from the air.  Just photos, no dialogue.

l. Some Specific Scenes from Death Valley and Environs from the Ground in 2005 (the second Devils Hole Workshop Field Trip, with links to the 2004 Devils Hole field trip)

m. Lake Powell's Environs from the Air in 2005 (with a couple of pictures of Chicago from the air thrown in for contrast)

n.  A very short excusrsion into the Spring Range, Nevada, to play in snow.  Photos are of snowmen and clouds lifting from mountains.

o.  Photos of the Spring Range and Red Rock from the air.  Again?  Yes, a different flight path and near-sunset light made these photos worth adding to my collection.

p.  Yucca Mountain from the air, with some commentary on MX missiles, nuclear rockets, and brothels.

q.   A hike to the top of Multnomah Falls, Oregon   My granddaughter Aubree and I walked to the top of the falls and took some pictures of this beautiful place in typical Spring weather: very light rain.

r.  Another Death Valley expose:  Visits to Badwater, Dantes Peak, the sand dunes, just a few flowers, a sunset at Zabriskie point, a sunset in a hole in a rock, and four interesting stops on a guided tour within Death Valley that was part of the Devils Hole Workshop for 2006 (meet the Archeans and the Stromatolites, important ancestral life forms)

         rr.    A 2007 Death Valley visit!  This time there was a field trip to see some features of the Amargosa River, a field trip hosted and led by the Amargosa Conservancy.  There was also a sand storm while the Devils Hole Workshop was in session.  For my exploration time, I walked up Golden Canyon, got very hot, and then went up on the Panamint Range and cooled off considerably (going from about 200 feet below sea level up to about 9,000 feet above sea level would tend to do that).  Someone asked me what I thought caused the moving rocks on the Devils Race Track, I never got there but did take some photos off the TV in the hotel and speculated.   Of course I had to see the Devils Golf Course since it was within easy reach.  It has nothing to do with the Devils Race Track, and isn't near as interesting.

s.  The Shrine to Sekhmet in Cactus Springs, Nevada.Why this shrine means something about peace between religions to me, whether that is its theme or not.

t. A very quick visit close to Lands End in San Francisco, California.  Flowers (!), trees, rocks and surf.

u.  In late 1994 I walked into the Sheep Range, north of Las Vegas, and ran out of daylight, but the trees, snow and sunset were nice.

v.    A double-feature!  Zion Canyon National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah! (2007)

4. Underground Thoughts and Places [caves] ( Carlsbad , Coronado , Colossal, and  Mitchell   )

4a. Two small caves/rock shelters in Nevada of archaeological significance (Hidden and Spirit Caves, and Spirit Cave Man, a > 10,000 year old mummy in Nevada!)

4b. A tour of the Hazel-Atlas Mine in the Black Diamond Mining District of California (silica and coal).  A tour you too can take thanks to the East Bay Regional Parks District!

5. European Thoughts and Places (historical, largely)

a. Spain
Spain 2004  (Photos)  and Story (Historical Fiction from 200 BC in Iberia)

aaa.  Spain 2005, pictures from La Coruna and Finisterre in Galicia

aaaa.  San Lorenzo de El Escorial one more time!  Two hikes into the hils and mountains to the north of the town with splendid views of the royal monastery at San Lorenzo de El Escorial.

b. Andorra
c. France, Southern France,
 and Northern Spain

i.Paris ( a museum, Buttes Chaumont Park,  Promenade Plantee Park,  Bois de Boulogne Park a day in the city including a famous cemetery, a day at the Sacre Coeur cathedral, a day under the Cluny Museum, some Cluny Museum treasures, a walk along the Seine, my room and a ghost from the past, my neighborhood, the canals of Paris, and an early morning  walk in Paris)

i-plus: Paris again: what may have been my last trip to Paris: my hotel, a visit to the Tuileries garden and the Orangerie museum, and a visit to the Madelein and Sacre Couer once more.

ii. St. Michel

iii. Two of my favorite chateaus: Chambord and Chenonceaux
Languedoc and the Cathars
v. .Joan of Arc history sites:

1. Domremy

2. Chinon

3. Orleans

4. Reims

5. St. Denis

6. Rouen

vi. Beatrice and the Pyrenees, a year 2002 fairytale with many picture pages (text and links updated in 2006).

vii. My first foray into Cathar country in 1997.

viii. The Maragaret Porete story: first woman burnt by the Inquisition in Paris. Photo pages about her life, including six cities and some countryside, including two locales where Joan of Arc is remembered. (a new addition in 2006, more photos of the Place de Greve where Marguerite found death)

ix.  The lives of Piri and Scipi and their unintended offspring, a tragic saga (NOT for kids) during the violent times of the Roman conquest of Spain, starting about 200 BC.  Also, an  external link to great photos from the general region where the story is set.

x. Auvers sur Oise, the Van Gogh brothers' graves, and what artists found to like in that place.

xi.  Nimes and other destinations in Provence, France Something Roman, something Medieval, and something natural, and for enjoyment only (no attempt to teach any profound lessons about life from Medieval or ancient history this time)

d. Belgium- Bruges

e. Belgium- Brussels (poor quality photos but a good short history of the Large Beguinage of Brussels)

     i.    Bloemardinne and Van Ruisbroeck, a discussion of a conflict

     ii.   Three photo pages somewhat related to the life of Jan van Ruisbroeck, the cathedral that stands where his church used to stand, and the woods in which his monastery used to stand (new pages added in 2006, a revisit to Ruisbroec's inspirational grove: the grove where Ruisbroec found inspiration)

     iii.  What may have been my last official-business visit to Brussels, a very short trip in March 2007 with just one afternoon of spare time to spend in the city.

f. Austria: Vienna and several nearby towns, a walk in the Wienerwald, plus a boat-ride on the Danube

         i.  A very short visit to Vienna in March 2007 with just 3 hours of daylight to sight-see. This is NOT my last trip to Vienna, another one is coming in about a month.

         ii.  A week-long visit to Vienna in May of 2007, starting with a Whimsical Walk in Wien and ending with a half day at Semmering, a mountain resort, and the second part of the day at Eisenstadt where Haydn lived and worked.

          g. Bratislava, Slovakia, a 3-hour tour; Plus a walk in Vienna, Austria  

           h.  TOKYO!   My first time in this grand city of 10 million souls! A         metro ride, a ferris wheel, tall buildings and a temple and shrine

6. Thoughts Without Places ( Motive for sites)

a. Life of my mother, Adriana Van Luik

b. Two items of fiction, a short story about a past life, a longer story about a future life. Written in 2003.

c. Personal Observations with links to many subjects , including some fiction and personal observations on religion and historical spirituality themes including some observations on the Radical Anabaptists of the 1500's.  An example of the fiction linked to this page is: A witch's triumph in death "Margreet's Fall Into Love" -- a story I wrote years ago, the only one a screenwriter said was ready to become a movie.  It was posted on this site but I somehow forgot to make mention of in my Link-Outline until late in 2006. (As I said on my opening page, if you can figure out how to make money off one of my writings, just negotiate with me.  If you want to use anything for a non-profit cause, just go for it and give this site credit).

i. Spirituality

ii.  A kind soul made two gentle observations by email: (1) my "Mysticism Good or Evil" page was an important one and very hard to find within the site.  (2) Its font and background make it difficult to read.  So I am describing and linking a brighter, larger type version now, here.  Thanks for the feedback!

iii. 2005 views on religion and the meaning of life (by request, and as informed by both experience and the readings that are expanded on under item 'd' below.

iv. History of the human state of being

(1) Cathars, Troubadours, and Courtly Love

(1a)  Why the focus on Courtly Love [with several links]?

(2) Dante and Beatrice

(3) Joan of Arc

(4) Rumi, Poet without Compare, with references to Courtly Love and a Revisiting of the life of Francis and Clare of Assisi!

(5) A Womens' Movement in the Middle Ages (Beguines in a larger context)

(4) Forever Friend Eulogy

(5) My Memories of Roy Hussey

(6) Tribute to Thea Lipp, a kindred soul.

(7) Thoughts on the Divine Feminine A revision and augmentation of my decade-old Divine Feminine page.  Photos were added in mid-2006 from the Madeleine church in Paris, and a PS and footnote were added in December 2006 that link in some ideas from the book "Secrets of Mary Magdalene, The Untold Story of History's Most Misunderstood Woman" edited by Dan Burstein and Arne J. De Keijzer (EDS Books, 2006)

(8) The Mary Magdalene story in "The Alabaster Jar" by Margaret Starbird, reviewed years ago (not properly linked here until 2005!)

(8) New Thoughts on Heloise and Abelard, true lovers, a review of James Burge's new (2003) book on this celebrated couple from 900 years ago

(9) A comparison of four themes in the writings of Marguerite Porete and Jan van Ruisbroec (Accompanying photo pages revisit the grove where Ruisbroec found inspiration, the Place de Greve where Marguerite found death, and an early morning  walk in Paris)

(10) More on the life and teachings of the Flemish mystic Hadewijch (Motivated by addressing a question about her relationship with Bloemardine of Brussels, a heretical prophet by all accounts)

(11)  I suggested to a woman of the Mormon faith that her church's stance on marriage (promoting the marriage-protection amendment to the US Constitution) was a big change from the 19th century, when Mormon women were defending polygamy.  The suggestion was not appreciated.

d. Physics and Metaphysics: Book Reviews

(1) Afterlife
Healing and Mind
Souls and Relationships
"New" Physics (a critical appraisal of a Gary Zukav book called The Dancing Wu-Li Masters which I called "Naked Woolly Dancers" just for fun) REVISED and EXPANDED and now in PDF format

(5) A Troubadour's Testament by James Cowan,

... and author's reply

(6) Other James Cowan books:

(A Saint's Way, A Mapmaker's Dream, and Letters From A Wild State are mentioned in the new Rumi Ruminations pages)

(7) Earliest Christianity: a series of book reviews:

(It started with two provocative books by Freke and Gandy, and multiplied to include books by many other scholars, and work by two non-scholars: a co-worker named Kane, and myself)

(7.5) A review of a book called, A Separate God , by Simone Pétrement.

(7.75) A Sermon I Gave on Early Christianity and Mormonism in 1977.

( 8)   A series of Book Reviews on reality, existence, consciousness, God, religion.

( 9)   A Reviews of Paulo Coelho's "Eleven Minutes," with emphasis on the Courtly Love connection (second link on page).

( 10)   A review of a book on the World Outlook of Rumi by Ahmad Shahvary, and of a book by Kenth Pedersen called A Strange American.

( 11)   A review of Jana Richman's "Riding in the Shadows of Saints, A Woman's Story of Motorcycling the Mormon Trail." (With a note from the author.)

( 12)   A review of Amy Wallace's "Sorcerer's Apprentice, my Life with Carlos Castaneda." (With a note from the author.)

( 13)   A review of Mary Doria Russell's "A Thread of Grace." (Fiction with deep insight into human nature.)

(14)  I read Sam Harris' "The End of Faith" and was disturbed by it.  I wrote down and shared some of my  impressions.  In 2007 I updated this review to include his newest book "Letter to a Christian Nation."

(15)  A review of Michael Baigent's "The Jesus Papers, Exposing the Greatest Cover-up in History" (With a few personal notes at the end)

(16) Comments on a book by Kathleen McGowan, "The Expected One,"   Comments relating to how this very well written book impressed me in the context of where I am in my life at the moment.

(17)  Comments on a book by Anne Rice, "Christ the Lord"   Comments relating to how this superbly written book impressed me in the context of where I am in my life at the moment.

(18). A review of 5 books on recent developments in physics, cosmology and the meaning of life  Authors reviewed inlude Lisa Randall, Paul Davies, Michio Kaku, David Darling, and Joel Primack & Nancy Abrams.  I really liked and recommend the Primack and Abrams book, # 3 in my list.

(19)  Judith Lindbergh's "a thrall's tale" is a book I enjoyed immensely.  Find out why in my review.

(20)  Thomas Cahill wrote a very interesting book, and he wrote it very well, yet I could not help myself turning a bit critical in my review of "Mysteries of the Middle Ages (in fact one of the things I was critical about was vindcated, in my mind, by what I learned form the next book review.)

(21)  "Montaillou: Promised Land of Error," by Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie.  I learned a few things from this book, one of which concered a point I did not like in the Cahill book.  It also brought me back to 2001-2002 when I was on the trail of a woman dead for 700 years with whom I felt a strong/strange connection  until I told her tale on this website.  

(22) Wrote down my impressions from reading "The Physics of Chrisitianity" by  Frank Tipler.   I was initially pleased, then dismayed at this book, but upon reflection realized it is not all that different (except for its strident pro-Catholic/Christian bias) from some of the books I read last year (see this link to go back there).