The Road to Fussen

The road from the Zugspitze to Füssen, two German destinations, travels partly through Austria.

There were two places where I took a photo:

The first was near the Austrian village of Bichlbach, in the Tirol province of Austria, and I found its setting simply nice to look at:

The next photo turns its back on Bichlbach and looks at another village:

The next few photos simply scan the mountains and remind me I am running out of daylight!

The second was a Medieval castle, still in Austria. This is not a romantic-road castle built by Bavaria's King Ludwig, but the real thing, built for defense:

Wikipedia shows a nice photo from closer by.  There is also a nice discussion of this 13th century castle here.

The next turn found me nearing Füssen and so I headed for two of the castles built by Ludwig, hoping to catch them while there is enough sunlight for outdoor photos.

Berchtesgaden and the Königssee

The Zugspitze in the clouds

Two castles on the "Romantic Road," Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau

The Dachau concentration camp memorial

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