Bavarian Destinations

Having been to Bavaria before, and having spent time in Munich then (no photos, that was before I discovered digital photography),my primary interest this time was to visit the Bavarian Alps.

Here is a drawing of the Alps all the way from Geneva in Italy, just south of the Alps, to Munich, Germany, just north of the Alps (the reddish bright spots are artefacts of the lighting behind me).

On the next map, if you look just up from Salzburg in Austria and just a little to the right to the mountain range with the lake in its middle, that is the Berchtesgaden area and the Königssee in the middle.

On the next map, if you look up from the foothills town of Murnau you will find the faint words Garmish Partenkirchen with a little lake just to the right of the words.  We will see this lake from the mountaintop we will visit, called the Zugspitze.  From there we will go through that canyon on the right with the road that takes us to Füssen on the "Romantic Road" where the castles are that we will also visit (from a distance and from the outside only).  I liked the view from one place in that canyon, so will devote a page to it also, and show a non-romantic-road castle on that road as well.

Finally, if you look just under Munich (to its northwest) you will see Dachau where we will spend a few hours looking at the concentration camp memorial site.

Why was I in Bavaria?  To take part in the third and last workshop of the PAMINA project of the European Commission's Research Directorate.  I'll also give a link to its website below, in case you are interested.

Berchtesgaden and the Königssee

 The Zugspitze in the clouds

 Just some photos from Austria between two parts of Germany

Two castles on the "Romantic Road," Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau

The Dachau concentration camp memorial

 PAMINA project official website

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