The Zugspitze is the highest point in Germany. Germany shares this point with Austria.  On the Zugspitze platform I walked into the Tirol, an Austrian province!

But I am getting way ahead of myself!  And have already let the cat out of the bag: it was cloudy, hence foggy at this altitude, and well below freezing!

So let's start over and orient ourselves with a little map of the gondola route I took to the top:

I had arrived too late to take the train to the glacier skiing area, and then a gondola to the top, so instead took the direct route, with more than a 6,000-foot gain in altitude in less than half an hour.  That takes electricity, and that takes money.  The ticket was not cheap, but worth it.

Starting at the bottom I saw two cars passing each other on their respective lines:

Very soon I was in one ready to go.  I was told it was last one of the day.  The operator told me to take my photos on the way up because it would be very crowded coming down with workers.  I was actually going up on the worker-shuttle, the place was closing down for the night.  So I took photos going up:  of the Eibsee below and whatever else I could see:

At one point there was a car coming down beside us, it moved fast!

The next photo shows that same car a few seconds later, and a flag-stop for the train for hikers to be dropped or picked up.

The town below looked like a great place to stay a while, but alas I had another destination in mind.

Looking down on the Eibsee was nice, especially when a touch of sun broke through:

Soon we were approaching the clouds, and we have to move on to a second page to keep the page's downloading time reasonable.

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Berchtesgaden and the Königssee

Just some photos from Austria between two parts of Germany

Two castles on the "Romantic Road," Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau

The Dachau concentration camp memorial

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