I did not like this display in the main grounds, but that does not mean it is not symbolically fitting:

The wall to the right is the original, and it had machine-gun stands in its watchtowers.

Originally it had a ditch in front of it and an electric fence where desperate men would go at times to be shot, or if the guards were not in a shooting mood they would just let the person touch the fence:

Others "escaped" in more time consuming ways (it is thought to be a suicide, but one never knows):

But in addition to killing yourself or having the SS do it for you, there was another way out:  live to be liberated!  Many were liberated by the Americans who were the first to arrive here from among the Allies:

This next sign, with "Never Again" in 5 languages, is very touching once you have allowed the hooror of this palce to sink in.  Given the history of the world in the last few decades, even the last few years, examples can be found of other concentration, re-education, and death camps. Torture is something humans seem capable of still.  Hopefully one day this will ring more true than it does now.

It is interesting to me that these mature trees were probably here on the Dachau grounds when these bizarre and awfully horrifying events were taking place.  Perhaps like these trees we need to live in the present, stand up straight, catch the sun, and help assure that life is beautiful for all around us.

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