Berchtesgaden & Konigssee

Part One of Two: A walk overlooking Berchtesgaden

We are out of sequence, I did Part Two last night, this is the next morning.  But that is OK for a website.

Berchtesgaden and its surrounding towns are tourist meccas and for good reason.  Just look at their setting (Summer and Winter versions)!

I was very impressed with Hotel Fischer, where I stayed a night.  Hated to get up and out to walk up a hill in what was promising to be an off-and-on rainy morning.

I had two destinations in mind for the Berchtesgaden area.  One was to do a boat ride on the Königssee, the other was to go up to the Eagle's Nest, also known as Hitler's retreat or hideout.  I decided to skip the Eagles' Nest given the weather.  

This day I had two mountain vistas in mind, and if both were going to be enshrouded in cloud (=fog), I'd go for the higher one of the two, the Zugspitze, which was also further west and thus perhaps more likely to see sunlight if the weather broke later from the west.  It did so only in part.

I drove north out of town until I came to a hill that promised a nice view over the valley holding Berchtesgaden.  So I parked the car and tried to reach the trees on the crest:

Cutting through some people's yards, I did make it to the top only to find out I was not alone:

I was in those trees I had sen from below, but surrounded by a pasture and houses with fences around their yards, and so could not see into the valley:

So I walked along the crest until I came to a road over the top:

And what was on the other side?  A small, neat village:

So I came back down the hill until I got to a view that was quite nice:

Having taken my desired photo looking back at Berchtesgaden, I now noticed some of the decorated dwellings and other buildings on this hillside:

I loved this Medieval decoration of the slaying of the dragon by St. Michael and its contrast with the shopping bag hanging on the side of the house right below it (it must be there for someone to pick up, it had rained an hour before and it was not soaked through):

One wonders if the bag symbolically means the dragon got away!   Many an ancient monk and saint spent their lives trying to keep women out of their sight, limited women's public lives when they could, and preached severely modest dress styles likely to keep themselves from feeling their internal dragons breathing fire.

It seems like a good time to go see the Zugspitze, a very cold place we can reach in a few hours by car, if all goes well.

Go for a boat ride on, and a walk beside, the Königssee

The Zugspitze in the clouds

Just some photos from Austria between two parts of Germany

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