Spring Range Snow

December, just returned from trip to Brussels (click here to go there) and my granddaughter says: "Grampa, it snowed in the mountains and we have to go play in it."  I protested that we 'had' to do no such thing, I was tired.  But she reminded me of our tradition, when it snows, we play.  So, an hour later we were at about 8.400 feet elevation in the Spring Range building a snow man and a snow bear.

Her pictures with her snowmen will be posted on the password-protected family website.  But here is this ugly dude apparently scaring the beejeezus out of this poor little snowman (it fell apart as soon as this picture was taken!  Aubree says I scared it.):

And here is the ice-bear with Aubree (not visible except for coat) [blue hue is artifact of it getting darker]:

But the real reason for this page on this little adventure on this web site is the unexpected pleasure of seeing the lifting of Winter storm clouds to make way for sunshine in these mountains!

We walked up an old road (blocked to vehicles since this is now Wilderness) and when we turned to look back saw the north side of Mummy Mountain, barely visible through the snow fog and drifting cloud.

It was fascinating (to me) to watch the clouds lift and lift, until the north face of Mummy Mountain was in bright sunlight:

Of course since the sun was setting, that bright light waned rapidly:

Looking the other way it was getting quite dark (those are clouds, not mountain peaks, in the background):

Near the car, the horizon was largely the 10,000-foot high ridge that connects Mummy Mountain and Charleston Peak.  The Kyle Canyon Ski and Snowboard Resort is just to the right of this picture:

We'll be back when the snow flies, again!

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