Jan van Ruisbroeck

According to the time-frames listed in this information poster, Jan van Ruisbroeck worked in the church that was here before this huge edifice was built in its place. Actually, he may still have been here when the 300-year building program got started.

So, if this present-day yet ancient cathedral has nothing to do with Jan, why have a page on it?  Because it is a beautiful building and it is in the same place, and still carries the same name, as when Jan worked here as a priest.

It is located in the heart of the city, just a few blocks from the central train station. It is a beautiful building:


These roofs and walls are seriously high.  Safely building at these heights was an art form in itself.

And I can never pass up a moon behind a building or tree, or both:

Since the building took 300 years to complete, Jan never saw it as we saw it, but I am sure his Romansque church was also a well built edifice.

Next we will visit the place where Jan spent most of his working life, Groenendaal in a forest southeast of Brussels.

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